Seminars and Consulting

You want to carry out the reliability analyses yourself: We go through the calculation / analysis with your employees together during one project and provide support beyond its completion.

If need be we offer you seminars on the following topics:

  • Foundations of technical reliability (e.g. MTBF, reliability, reliability growth,
    RBD, MIL-HDBK-217, Telcordia, IEC-TR 62380, SN 29500, 217Plus, et al.)
  • Failure and risk analyses (e.g. FMEA, FMECA, safely-related examination of navigation,
    DIN EN ISO 13849, DIN EN 61508, IEC EN 62061, et. al.)
  • Fault Tree
  • Use of programmable circuits in safety-related control systems
  • Software seminars (reliability prediction, FMEA)

Training courses will be tailored to your individual needs. Please approach us.